My surgery was Thursday Feb 3. Got to the hospital at 6:30 AM. Sat in the waiting area while they attempted to put in my IV – which they missed & blew the vein – uggg. The nurse  decided to let the anesthesiologist do my IV. After taking ranitadine (tummy med) they had me walk over to the OR waiting area. One of my daughters stayed with me till this point. I climbed up on the stretcher and was given a cozy warm blanket. My gyne/surgeon came and chatted with me and then the anesthesiologist came. We decided on spinal epidural and general.
Then I was wheeled into the OR and the poking & podding started. first the IV and then the spinal. Once that was in place, the next thing I remember was waking up in recovery around 10:30 AM. My Dr spoke with me briefly that all went well and he showed me my removed parts (because I had asked). Before long I was in my own private cozy room. Being a staff member as it’s privileges

That first day was wasted as every little move I made I wretched or vomited. The nausea was horrid. Zofran was tried, then Gravol and final I was getting Stemitil IV. Even to move made me sick. It was almost 10:30 PM before I could keep crackers down. The anesthesiologist figures it was the oxy-morph in the spinal that I reacted to. I had air-leggings that inflated and deflated on my legs, an IV and a foley catheter. I was pretty out of it that day. My 3 girls were with me all day and had some fun when I was goofy with the ECG stickies and trying to put my earrings in. My Mum came to visit me too.

Friday I only had nausea in the morning. My foley was removed along with the vag packing. It was like a clown car- that stuff just kept coming out seemingly forever LOL I was able to get up and about with my dance partner, Ivy (IV pole). I had lots of visitors Friday which was great.

For pain control I was getting 975 mg Tylenol supps (every 6 hrs), Celebrex 200 mg daily and dilaudid 1-2 mg as needed.

I am home now – Saturday was my home day. Dear hubby arrived Friday night to see me. Now he  and our dear daughters x2 are making sure I behave. Hubby headed out on Saturday and got a 40″ Sony TV for our bedroom which very sweet.

Now the part of me NOT doing things. I only have once chance at recovery and need to do it right. I do not want limitations, complications or adhesions because I am too stubborn to NOT do things and let others help me. Eight weeks and then up to a year for total recovery.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. I truly appreciate all of them.  This phase of the Extreme Make Over converting the nursery to a games room is now complete. Now to let the paint dry for 6 weeks before checking things out 😉

Peace & blessings my dear friends 🙂

Sleep, riches, and health to be truly enjoyed must be interrupted.
— Johann Paul Friedrich Richter

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  1. Karen says:

    Great to hear you are home! I actually just went on the Hyster Sister Forum this evening to read the post-op recovery entries for your week to see if you posted. Glad things are going pretty well!