Random Ramblings

a bit of this and a bit of that. Random Ramblings, things bugging me, things I need to vent, rant or just chat about. This is about me feeling better at the end of a post, not about anyone else. Take it or leave it. Just my thoughts and opinions – nothing else.

Blessed to be mother of 4 amazing adult children – 1 son born in ’85 who has an awesome son born in ’09, 3 daughters – born  ’88 and working on her PhD in Anthropology at U of York, born  ’89 married in 2012, has completed her RN and has 2 fabulous sons born 2014 & 2017,  & born ’91, ECE currently living back home. Still married to the most wonderful man who is my best friend and soul mate – married in ’82. Strong Christian faith – believe there truly is a power higher than us – who walks with me daily, step by step. Take me as I am 🙂 and be blessed.