Here We Are Again

Here we are again – twenty twenty-four – two, zero, two, four. Hard to believe in some ways yet easy in others.

Days slip into nights, which slip back into days and then into weeks. As a shift worker, I often find myself lost as to the day of the week or time of day. OR is it part of aging? It’s dark when you head into work and dark when you come home. The hint of spring comes when the evening or morning has a trace of light. I think we all look forward to the light that comes with spring and warmer temps. The warmer days are certainly my preferred choice of weather but there is also something to be said for the cold crisp fresh air. Or when I get home from a shift and the woodstove welcomes me with that warm embrace as I enter the house. I know when we lived on the East Coast (PEI and NS Annapolis Valley), I had to learn about the cold air as it froze any moisture in your nose and you had to protect yourself from wind chills of -40’c. The wind would literally take your breath away.

Quiet Christmas and New Year. Quality time with the grands and family that was nearby. We have a new daughter-in-law as our son got married in November. Welcome to the fold Jean <3 It was a lovely surprise to learn of their nuptials.

I had a quickie trip to Ontario in early November to enjoy daughter time and an LP concert in Toronto. It was a great get away and recharge.

The end of August we did another Alaska cruise northbound and flew home from Anchorage. We met some lovely people on this adventure. Sadly we came home with COVID yet again.

Our Ontario daughter was here in June and we enjoyed a Girls Weekend along with a visit to Merridale Cidery. It’s always great to get away or get together with the girls.

Our middle daughter is now a single mom with 4 littles. There are many challenges and changes from a new job, new routines with afterschool care and daycares, untraveled roads being a single mom however we are all here supporting from near and far. The kids and her know they are loved and supported and that this is a positive change for them. We/I help out as able with childcare and being there. One more reason that this is the year we will move to the Cowichan Valley. Being closer to them, working less for both of us, possibly slowing down and heading into those retirement years that we hear about.

Our youngest continues to work with health related issues including lupus and most recently fibromyalgia. Fulltime work is very difficult for her and she is hoping to find a better balance this year. Her amazing partner supports her 110%.

I was humbled to be nominated for the NNPBC Nursing Award of Excellence in Advocacy. I was truly shocked when I was voted unanimously to receive this award. We traveled to the mainland in December to attend the Awards Gala where I truly felt special around the work I do and continue to do. It was a very special evening for sure. We also attended my 15 yrs recognition dinner with Island Health in October.

Heading into 2024 – what will there be? De-cluttering and downsizing, new job, new opportunities, new learning, new hopes, new goals, good health? All things we are hoping/wanting. Each year we look back and reflect on what took place, the good, not so good, fun times & sad times.

??? We can look back on 2023 with smiles and perhaps tears, knowing those shaped our year. We can bring forward into 2024 those smiles and tears, learning, growing and moving forward. May 2024 bring you good health, much love, laughter, smiles, joy and kindness. Remember that each day brings new possibilities. May your coming year be as bright and hopeful as a morning sunrise and as restful as the evening sunset. Peace and blessings to each of you reading this.

NNPBC Awards Ceremony 2023 with my man and bestie

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