Another year

December 1st – wow. Hard to believe we are nearing the end of 2010. It doesn’t seem so long ago we were just entering 2010. Two thousand and ten had a nice ring to it. Two thousand and eleven – I guess we will get use to it. A decade since the computer world was to self destruct. There were SO many things people were worried about as we headed into 2000 and now we look ahead to 2011.

I am sure we all have some highlights and some low lights of the past year. Did you learn? Did you grow?  Were you able to let go of something and move head? Did you experiences loss? Did you makes gains? Changes?

In December I try and evaluate how the past year went. New Years Day we enjoy a meal together and go around the table asking each other about the past year and what they are looking forward to in the coming year.  The answers are always interesting and always involve lively discussion, fun and laughter. I look forward to this again.  As I look back over the year, sure, there are a few things I didn’t do as well with as I hoped – sorting through the storage room for one –  although I did manage to get rid of a few bags of things for the more needy.  A regular exercise routine – not so much. I will continue to work on that this coming year.

As we move forward into 2011, this month will be filled with family – my pride and joy.  As I kid, I loved Christmas although I was often sick with a cold it seemed. As I grew up and married, we continued to do FAMILY things at Christmas with our families. It wasn’t until our son was born that our Christmases became US. We were posted away from our respected family. It was just us. We relied on each other in so many ways – not just at Christmas but when we would be moved around to a new place. We always had each other even when we didn’t know the neighbours. We had each other.  We could play in the snow together- just us. We could watch movies, play games or stack wood, just us – our own little group. I think that is one of the reasons we are still very close as a family.  I don’t know if other families are as strong or as connected as we are. It’s a nice feeling to know that as we head into 2011, we still have each other as a family.

There will be baking to be done, decorating is almost done. Eggnog to be shared and that feeling in your heart that makes you feel so very blessed. As Christmas approaches, I so recall the real reason for Christmas. I believe that a wee babe was sent down, God in human form, to be a part of this world, to know us as only God can know us, and then the ultimate sacrifice was made for me by the death on the cross. Christ Mass – a celebration, an excitement. it’s not about the gifts or the dollars. It’s about remembering and being thankful for the gift of a wee babe.

It’s about goodness and innocence, a smile at a stranger, grabbing a cup of hot chocolate for the homeless person on the corner, giving freely from your heart – no strings or agendas – just from your heart. Forgiving those who may have hurt you – I honestly don’t think people intentionally set out to “hurt” each other.  Forgive the words, actions speak much louder than words. Look for the goodness and the kindness of the Season. Take it forward with you into 2011.

May December be a month where we all look at Christmas with the eyes of child – open and innocent with AWE for all we take in – the smells of Christmas baking, the sounds of bells and music, the excitement of the hustle & bustle, the joy of getting together with friends and family.

I wish you peace & blessings.  May your heart be warm with knowing you made it through another year – wiser yes, older maybe, thankful definitely. What ever your belief , may your heart be filled with only goodness and peace.