As many of you may know, I have been passionately involved with getting the LPN’s out of HEU and in with BCNU – a nursing union – nurses with nurses, understanding common goals, common problems, common victories just to name a few. I have  been working on this since 2008.

In 2009 we were unsuccessful in getting those numbers needed to tip the Labour Board to call for a vote. We repeated the process last year in the fall – canvassing, contacting, informing to try yet again to leave HEU and join a true nurses union. Well this time, we did it. There were enough supporters that the Labour Boards agreed to those LPN’s to having a vote for which union they wished to represent them. This voting process took place in the late spring on 2012. Again, there were many delays thanks to HEU & BCGEU.

On Friday, October 5 2012 – history was made in that the LPN’s who voted heard their results from the Labour Board of BC – 69% of the LPN’s who voted in BC support moving to BCNU. In VIHA it was 74% – such an amazing victory that so many worked diligently on over the past number of years.

Now we begin to work into BCNU & find our places as LPN’s – where we will be supported in our scope, supported in education & learning, moving us along the road to becoming better care providers & team members. It is an exciting time for sure. I will be pursuing a position in BCNU on the Council/Bargaining Committee representing the VIHA. I will continue to work for the LPN’s of this province, particularly my region, VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority).

I hope you will join me in this journey. There are several of us running in VIHA and regardless who is the “winner” in the end, we will all be winners with this victory of joining BCNU.

I hope if you are an LPN within VIHA, that you will support me wit your vote. My election Facebook persona is Teresa McFadyen LPN.

Yours in nursing, Teresa