New What?

As I start to type this I can not help but ask myself about the new year. Many celebrate with parties, events and activities – Polar Bear Swim, resolutions of fitness and change – just to name a few. Yes, a new year means a fresh calendar on the wall and learning to write a new date but when you think about it, each day is a NEW beginning. A new day to explore, try something new, make a subtle change in our life. You wake up and have a choice to be in a good mood or a bad, a choice to make the best of your circumstances or wallow – each day is NEW and that is to me, more interesting for new beginnings.

I have not been blogging for a bit, both technical & personal reasons, and as I move forward with my new days in the year 2015, I will attempt to write a little more often and share my thoughts.

The birth of a grandson in early December, daughter moving up North and us truly becoming “empty nesters”, eldest grandson starting kindergarten, new jobs, new “digs”, scholarships awarded, death  of friends and beloved fur babies,  family times shared camping at a lake, road trip on the motorcycles, pneumonia, 77 Chevy Short box van, are but a few of the days events from 2014.  We are blessed – or I think we are blessed to be living where we are, to have our health, a roof over our heads, family to be in touch with even at a distance, near or far, we are family.

Family has always been important to us. Perhaps it stems from our military time, when we would be posted and only hubby knew the folks around as he was working with them. The four kids, starting new schools, new neighbourhood, always had each other even when they knew no one else, we had each other. Living on the east coast away from family – that made us close and that closeness remains to this day. The kids are close with each other, talking and texting even at a distance. That makes my heart smile.

I hope as you read this, you will take a moment to pause and be thankful. Thankful for what makes you smile, what brings that sense of peace and calm to your world. The cup of coffee you so enjoy or the birds you see outside your window at the feeder, thankful for what is in your world. And pause to remember, each day is NEW – new for you to follow your dreams, move forward, make changes, share something of yourself with someone else to make their day better.

As a previous post I shared, “I wish you enough”

Blessings, peace and grace for the next new day