The Not so Famous

The following is a post my hubby made around the issue I am writing about. I agree with everything he has said & more. We see every day people, every day struggling to make ends meet, struggling with addiction, struggling with mental health issues, the list is endless. What I wouldn’t give to be able to help all those everyday people struggling, to have the resources that the rich & famous do at their fingertips. Yes, rich and famous have their struggles too but it is where they choose to be. There are some of the rich & famous who you don’t hear boo about, who keep things on the down low and carry on their life. Yes, they have their fame but they also keep to themselves & have a private life. Then there are those who live for the gossip, paparazzi and such.

I see everyday people battle challenges daily – on the downtown streets where there are homeless people with not much of anything, let alone a bed at night. In the hospitals where there are not enough beds to help those with mental health issues. People dying of cancer – newly weds expecting their first child, only to learn that the Daddy will never meet his unborn. A young mother of 3 children, knowing that she will never see them graduate high school, attend their wedding or know her first grandchild. The solider who goes to a foreign country to help bring peace, only to be killed trying to do what is right. THOSE are the famous people, those are the people we need to remember when the celebrity get the TV coverage, the speculation of what caused the death, why it happened and why. We need to really sit back and think of the here and now, the people around us, the people who struggle each and every day without the resources to get the help they want or need. We need to look at each other and say  “what can I do to help?”

Enjoy what hubby posted. Comment if you wish or not. We are all famous & special to someone. We are all loved by someone – maybe more that you know. Remember you matter even if you don’t think or believe so.

Peace & blessings,

“Always remember to slow down in life; live, breathe, and learn; take a look around you whenever you have time and never forget everything and every person that has the least place within your heart.”

“Hmmmmm, gonna take some heat on this one …

Call me a cynic – go ‘head, I know I am.

What we have is a woman who spent much of her life as an adored, beautiful, privileged, rich, talented, gifted, individual – admired and yes maybe even loved by a vast population of fans.

Now, after a major fall from grace, health, and favour – caused mainly by heavy drug and alcohol use, complicated (caused?) by apparently many personal problems – she has died.

So now the onslaught begins. In what I’m sure will be second only to Michael Jackson’s death, we will be inundated by tv specials and documentaries about the rise and fall of Whitney. There will probably be a mini series – maybe Kevin Costner can do a cameo?

Don’t get me wrong – I loved an awful lot of her music and performances. As an artist, she will (has been?) be missed indeed. I have the utmost admiration for the talent she had.

HOWEVER, why is it that as soon as a *celebrity* passes, all hell breaks loose! Ya can not tell me that there have not been people, who have done a lot more important things than entertain while on this earth, pass without even making a local headline. 

Not fair

Here we have a woman who, admittedly, has had her share of crap to deal with – but she also had wayyyy more access to help, and certainly the financial assets, for anything that ailed her than probably 99.9% of the population!

I’m sorry – I’ve met folks who’ve likely fought bigger battles than her, while worrying about paying rent and buying groceries on top of that. They had next to nothing and certainly did not have the support network that Whitney had. When they pass, after hopefully surmounting the odds against them with whatever battle they fought, will there be a big deal made of it?

She was a beautiful talented woman and her presence will be missed. That said, there are many who have done more, lost more, and are more deserving of the hooplah in my mind.

Bring it”