Yesterday there were a couple of events taking place in our family. The first was a Convocation of our eldest daughter. This is the “Official” Ceremony that the University holds to “present all candidates for their degrees”. There is a huge amount of tradition in the Ceremony – based on Medieval times we were told.  The graduates receiving their first degree walk across the stage after their name is announced, remove their cap and kneel before the Chancellor, at which time the graduate is tapped on the head with the purple cap of the Chancellor. The graduate then stands and replaces their cap with the tassel on the opposite side and walks over to received their Degree. Guitar music is playing the the back ground. Formal and traditional. Having never attended a Convocation, it was a great experience and so happy to share it with our daughter. Her official degree is  an “Honors Bachelor Degree of Arts with Distinction in the Faculty of Humanities” . She will now look at possibilities of where to take her Masters. Might I say that she was 4th out of 700 students with her GPA – which is an amazing feat – we are so very proud!! WE followed this ceremony with pictures and our for a nice lunch.

Our middle daughter had her graduation ceremony as well but she decided that since we were busy with the Convocation that her ceremony should take a back seat – which we were not happy about. She worked very hard to complete her medical lab assistant program. We presented her with a lovely bouquet of peach coloured roses and then she picked a spot for a family dinner.

Dinner was wonderful. I sat back and smiled as I watched our family with their partner/date interact with each other, laugh and joke with each other. It was so wonderful just to watch and be proud of our children and the amazing young adults they have become. I smiled…..I laughed but most of all, I said “Thank you” for this time and this moment with those I love.  You know how much my family means to me and to have us all together celebrating each other’s accomplishments was wonderful.We are blessed and I love you  <3

Peace & blessings