A word that has multiple meanings if you look it up – a judge is called Your Honor; a woman’s virtue can be described as honor. Honor can be described as personal integrity; allegiance to moral principles. The honor I am referring to is one of privilege.

I share very intimate and personal moments with families & their loved ones – in a time that is very difficult for them. This could be a recent diagnosis or this could be traveling to the end of a journey – an earthly journey moving onto the next realm.  It can be a basic as helping them with their daily care or holding the hand of a dying person who has no family. My work takes on a wide variety of experiences both for the patient & family and myself.

Today was a challenging day for a multitude of reasons. The team on the unit was being pulled in many directions and helping each other out  as best we could. We were all left exhausted & emotionally drained – it wasn’t JUST me feeling this way. We support each other, listen to each other and are there for each other. But when you walk out that door, you are often left with feelings unresolved, that try as you might, come home with you.  Your mind swimming with the events of the day, conversations you had & people you encountered.

No matter how hectic, crazy or chaotic the day is or was, I take away from the day personal moments of someone who may not be there my next shift. Personal moments shared with me by family & friends. A personal journey unique and different for each person I meet & cross a path with during my shift. Sometimes these meetings are casual in the hallway, other times they are more involved & deep. Sometimes these events leave me drained & unable to let go – today was one of those days.

I am included in a personal circle that not many have the privilege of being a part of – a journey many family or friends have never traveled before  – being a witness to the end of an earthly life, a body tired and worn, a spirit & soul waiting to be free. I am doing a job that is truly an honor  – to be part of this intimate, personal circle.

I thank my patients, their families, friends and my co-workers for the honor of being with them, bearing witness and sharing in their journey.

Peace & blessings to you on your daily journey.