Working lots – 4-12 hr day shifts and then a 12 hr night shift. Planning a wedding, wedding bridal shower & helping with a stagette. Coming home to dishes in the sink, an unemptied full clean dishwasher, clean bathroom and no milk. Am I thinking dishes are too much to ask for? Am I thinking I should be thrilled to have a sink full of dishes waiting for me?  Or it it just me being tired & cranky? I emptied the dishwasher but I am NOT doing the dishes. Am I being unreasonable in thinking that this task should be done? I HATE dirty dishes in the sink & try to get them done each evening when I get home – but not this time. Peanut better & margarine just left on the counter? Hello PUT THINGS AWAY.

Maybe I’m just tired. Maybe there is a lot going on? Maybe?

Peace & blessings