Busy Times

Two weeks today is the wedding of our middle daughter. Two weeks and it seems the list I have of things to do just gets longer. Now to make kerchiefs for the guys. Washing walls, cupboards & floors, shampooing carpets, making burgers for the rehearsal dinner – bridal showers & stagettes, final touches on the bride’s dress – the list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter. I am delegating but it doesn’t seem to help much.

This will be a wonderfully beautiful day for our daughter and I will be relieved once all is said and done on the 20th of July. There is the rehearsal & the dinner, the wedding, reception & dance and the gift opening the next day. Then the happy couple fly away for 10 days in Mexico at an all inclusive resort.

The 24th will be 30 yrs that we have been married. We are having an event here on the 28th for my 50th and our 30th – I have not even started to think/plan that one.

It will happen but not while I am updating my blog  LOL  Heading off to get onion soup mix for the burgers – that I will make & freeze. This afternoon we are off doing shower & stagette things. I also am organizing the wedding music so must get the playlists started for that. Good thing I enjoy computers.

Oh and then there is work in there as well -3 shifts next week. Company arrives on the 18th. Rooms to clean, linens to wash – it will all happen – one thing at a time – making my lists & I have my wedding book so it is all good.

I will update once the festivities are done – providing I make it!!

Peace & blessings my friends and readers xoxoxo