As many of you know – I am not even sure people read this blog – but regardless, you may be aware there is a wedding happening in a week. This is very busy time. I have my binder with my lists ticked off, some not ticked yet, things to remember, things to do, things done – trying to make this the most magical wonderful day for our daughter.

What totally struck me today is how kind & willing to help people around me are. I always knew I could ask and people would help if they could but this is becoming so very apparent. I have had people offer up mason jars & decorations, trays & platters for the entertaining we are doing, punch bowls & tripods, assisting to hem the bride’s dress, loaning steamers. Take for instance today, a friend I work with offered me a punch bowl. While picking it up, I commented that I would be tracking down a tripod for the video camera – hey we have one was her reply & she went & retrieved this for me to borrow. I am truly touched by the offerings that are coming our way as we prepare for this happy event in our family. It really struck me today that people in this world are pretty great & will help each other out in the least expected ways. There are so many little things that people are offering to do in helping and I can’t say thank you enough. It really is very special & appreciated more than I can articulate.

I give thanks to the Father above for these people in my world that offer with no strings attached. I am a very blessed person and I thank you for being part of my world.

Humbly yours xoxoxo

The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.  ~John E. Southard