What a Month!

WOW – it has certainly been a very busy month. We had wedding showers and stagettes. We had family arriving from away for the nuptials,we arranged flowers for tables, wedding rehearsal & dinner for 20+ at the house and the perfect wedding, followed by a gift opening with near 30 people here to enjoy the newlyweds, lunch & the pool. My 50th birthday the same day. Then we had family departing from the wedding and our eldest daughter & partner moving to Toronto. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a wonderful dinner at a local seafood restaurant. Then we shared our home with family and friends as we celebrated a Birthiversary weekend (my 50th & our 30th). I was totally shocked and surprised when the love of my life re-proposed to be and we will be renewing our vows at some point in the future.

Then it was back to work for me and unfortunately hubby was laid off. With no time to waste as we had friends arriving from Ontario in preparation for the Canadian X Riders Rally that we offered to put on 2 yrs ago. This was held at a Comfort Inn that provided a great location for people heading into town for shopping & motorcycle rides. We had local riding friends offer their time to show our guests around the island with 3 different rides. This wrapped up with a dinner hosted by us. I even got out with friends to take in whale watching – something I have never done!

Are you tired yet? We certainly are. I hope that everyone who participated in any of the above events enjoyed and took something special away with them. I hope your heart got to smile at something that took place over the past month – I know mine certainly has. From the kindness of friends & family offering to help, to the words of our daughter that her wedding was more than she could have asked for. To the love of my life who I will marry all over again as we head into what I hope will be another 30 years filled with love & adventures.

And now? we rest

Peace & blessings to each of you and please bookmark my new site