July to November

Here it is November 11th – a day that marks Remembrance of times gone by, mistakes of the past or should I say a time that allows us to look back and reflect on the changes made moving forward – learning from the past of what we never want to have happen again – and yet it did in WWII. To this day countries can not get along, people are persecuted, unjust actions take place  – a situation that remains and changes over time with technology. There is still bullying and brutality, heinous crimes, societies that allow crimes against women and children to go untried, people and countries who punish based the sex of who you love……..the list is endless. Funny how things change yet often stay the same. Are we more aware because at any time we can click on the TV or internet and review what we hear about? Are we now becoming accepting of these wrongs and behaviors as they appear to be the norm?? I certainly hope not.

Changes happen – new jobs, new homes, an illness that changes how you live your life, new opportunities that can make you vulnerable – all around us changes take place. Sometime we cope better than others. Sometimes these changes are out of our control – leaving us feeling helpless.

Where I am working we are going to face changes in how we deliver care to out patients. Changes out of my control so I am trying very hard to work with the changes as they approach which is easier said than done. At this point, I don’t even know if I will have a job in the new year, let alone what that job will look like. Others I work with are feeling the same angst of unknown and uncertainty. Changes out of our control. I try and put it out there – not worry about the things I have no control over – I give that to my God to take care for only He knows the bigger picture that I am not aware of. I am but a dot of paint on a painting standing too close to see the full picture. I try not to worry yet I still find myself there.

The family is well – our son has a new job and is loving it along with moving into a new place. Our eldest daughter is working on her PhD in Social Anthropology at York University on full scholarship. Our middle daughter is back in school working towards her RN. The youngest is enjoying her work as a teacher of 4 year olds. Our grandson is adorable and truly enjoyed camping this summer with us. My dad suffered a minor stroke recently but fortunately there have been residual effects but this is a warning sign that I hope he heeds.  Hubby is well and enjoying the benefits of modern medicine and biologic drugs.

I continue to work my permanent part-time position and truly enjoy the variety and challenges presented each shift. The team I work with varies but it always so wonderful in their knowledge,sharing and support.

As we move towards Christmas, the time of year that my heart smiles with each shining light, may we remember to look back and learn from the past. I hope as we look forward to the coming year, that we do so with acceptance of each other, of the blessings and gifts we enjoy each and every day – the good and the not so good, the things we can change and those we can not.

Peace and blessings

Those who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history.  ~Joan Wallach Scott