Summer speaks

I look at the calendar and here we are heading to the end of July. Our weather has been amazing. We have been able to enjoy several family events. The pool was late getting opened but enjoying it for sure.

Our eldest daughter was out from Toronto for 2 glorious weeks. She was able to go camping with her sisters, visit with local friends and a quick trip overnight to the mainland to catch up with friends, enjoy a wonderful day of boating and tubing on Lake Cowichan along with quality relax and family time. She now is gone *sniff sniff* to complete her required paper for her Master degree and come September will begin her doctorate of Social Anthropology at York University! Some amazing goals have been achieved for certain.

Calgary faced the worse flooding in years with many being displaced. I can not understand why contractors build along a river and people buy along that same river and are then surprised when there is flooding.  Nature has it’s own way for sure!

Work is good as I am delighted to have a permanent part time position on an oncology & general medicine unit. Each 12 hr shift I learn something new which I love. There have been some insanely busy/hectic/chaotic days but at the end of it, I am thankful for the learning and what I can do. I worked nights on the 20 & 21st so was sleeping the day of my birth. Yesterday morning at 630 AM, one of my patients got himself out of bed and into his wheelchair. He told one of my co-workers he was heading down to get a coffee at Tims. A few minutes before shift change, I am beckon to the nurses station to see my patient with a big smile on his face and a box of Timbits. He wanted to wish me a happy birthday and get me something before I headed home. I was very touched by his random act of kindness. You find these little gems in the most unexpected places. I made me smile.

Ice cream birthday cake, mint julep tea, spa treatment, plant nursery gift card, $$ to buy myself something special –  truly I am blessed. Fifty-one isn’t a bad thing. My life is rich in so many ways.

Tomorrow, July 24th,  will be celebrating 31 yrs married to my best friend. Over the years he has become more that a best friend –  my lover, my soul-mate, defender, father to our children, grandpa, my world and my everything. We have certainly had our share of up and downs, struggles and triumphs but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

May your heart find peace, may you let go of those things you can not change with worry, find contentment in the small things and know you are loved by a much greater power than you know.

Peace & blessings,

Gratitude is the music of the heart, when its chords are swept by the breeze of kindness.  ~Author Unknown

Take time to enjoy

Take time to enjoy