LPN Day May 13, Nursing Week May 6-12

WOW – a week to celebrate nursing. I must say that I love what I do. I wish I had started doing it sooner than I did but then everything happens for a reason, right? Spending time at home while the 4 kids grew up was very important so there you go.

I came across an online book that I want to share with you called End of Shift. It’s short stories about Nurses. While I have not read it yet, I hope you will save the file and read at your leisure. Taking time for yourself is important as a nurse. We tend to “care” for others, neglecting the soul of the nurse.

Take time to enjoy being a nurse or say thank you to a nurse you know. The job is not glamour or pretty but it does have some special rewards that only a nurse will understand.

Peace and blessings,