With the start of a new year, there is a time of reflection on the past and looking ahead to the new year – the blank page that sits in from of us, waiting for us to start writing. The packing away for the decorations, the tree goes from the magical colourful tree to the sad looking empty tree waiting to head off to the chipper, the indoor & outdoor lights get packed away for yet another year – and in doing all this I reflect and think on the year being packed away.

Reflecting back on the year gone by – we can not change or fix anything that has taken place, mistakes made, hurts felt or left behind, we can only move ahead, hoping that we have learned a little from the last year. 2010 saw changes, hardships, deaths of family & friends, adventures and travels, thought-provoking conversations, lessons learned, challenges and opportunities for growth, new beginnings in jobs, just to name a few. I am sure you can think of more in your world and life.

2011 a fresh new page, how can I leave a positive foot print in this new year? I will continue as I do – hoping that I make a difference both at work with my co-workers & patients, home to my family & friends, and to those around me.  Hoping that my family & friends will have good health, that their challenges will be small and the adventures exciting and fulfilling. That the world will smile at them as they move forward, day by day, sometimes one step at a time, knowing that there are people around them who love and care for them, who will drop everything to help & be there for them.  The unconditional love that we share with each other.  We may not LIKE what the person is doing with their live at this moment – but your love is unconditional. That’s how I am with my family and some close friends.

As I look ahead, I look with excitement. We never really know what is around the next corner. I know there are a few things that could slow me down in the next few months – an upcoming surgery which will side track me for several weeks. I also know there will be family & friends to help me during this time when I must learn to accept what they will offer. This is not something I am particularly good at but I will do my best to accept all they have to offer me. I look forward to completing some personal goals I am setting for myself – less time on the computer, getting back to my piano and guitar, being outside more, dropping some lbs and getting my fitness back on track. I want to take time for me – because I am worth it! I’m not so bad. Will I complete all of these things? I will try and if not, I will try again.

I hope to become more open and accepting to changes as they come along in my life. Not to sweat or worry so much about the things I can not change.  For they are beyond MY control and that’s OK.  When shyt happens or my feelings get hurt, to remember that it is not done intentionally and perhaps I should ask the person to clarify what happened and if I interpreted  the meaning correctly. I honestly don’t believe that others set out to intentionally hurt each other – but then again, sometimes I have been told I wear rose coloured glasses.

I will continue to update this blog but this will be the last time I “Face Book” an update. If people are interested in what I blog/type, book mark my blog page or let me know you are interested in following this and I can  msg you when there has been an update.

The New Year is awaiting – no judgments or pre determined agenda – just a new year. Each day, we are given a fresh clean slate. To some extent, we make a choice on how and what takes place in that day – make the most of it. Try and make a difference, even if just in some small way.

If  I am to die this year, be it today or tomorrow, I hope that someone would say, she made a difference.  I hope that you make a difference in a positive way to someone around you. HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends.  Live and love freely. Peace & blessings

” Faith makes life possible. Hope makes life workable. Love makes life beautiful.” Author Unknown