One Day at a Time

Each day we are all faced with issues, challenges, disappointments, happiness, joy, to name but a few of the events in our daily happenings.  Do you remember to say to the Eternal Being – thank you? For the challenges put before you? For the disappointments?  For all that you have?

I try to give thanks several times during the course of my day.  For my family & friends, my job, my home, the country I live in where I have freedoms, and for the challenges I may encounter. But I also always try and send loving energy to others – even those I do not know or likely will never meet – an online friend who is dealing with health issues, or unemployment. My recent support going to Baby Molly. I read the family blog and can’t help but sending prayers out to them. I can not imagine going through what this family is. Perhaps it is because they are a local family? Perhaps its because I have children of my own – I don’t know. I do know that there are many other families dealing with the crisis of a sick or dying child. I will never understand the why of this or how of this. I will never “get it”.  I do know that I am a blood donor and signed up long ago to be a bone marrow donor should the need be. I would do whatever I could to help someone needing my bone marrow. Can you imagine the excitement of being gravely ill and that a match was found? I can only imagine what feelings and thoughts would go through the mind of the recipient.  If you are of good health, 17-50,  please take a moment to check out I continue to follow this family and what they are coping & dealing with.

My recovery is coming along nicely. I managed 20 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I feel a slight ache on my left side – where my hip connects to my pelvis but nothing too serious. I am able to do more and more although still dealing with fatigue and I must pace myself. Being over the Convention in Vancouver last week certainly took its toll. I was very tired most of the weekend and Sunday I actually spent in bed. I felt better yesterday but still need a quiet time in the afternoon – be it a nap or just a lay down.  I think I am caught up.

I wish you a good week and send positive thoughts and energy to each of you reading this.  May your heart know peace in times of distress and the love of those around you – visible or not. Enjoy each day and take one day at a time – you can never get back today so try and make some part of the day special for someone else.

Peace & blessings