What have we done?

it has been a pretty good couple of weeks as I prepare to head back to the working world. I have 2 – 12 hr night shifts happening tonight at one of the facilities that I work. I am looking forward to this and yet cautious as well. My surgeon has said once I head back to work. that I should be on “light duties” for 3 weeks. As a nurse, I am not quite sure how that is possible. If you are injured at work, you can do a gradual return but when returning from medical surgery, it doesn’t really happen at all. I am hoping my team will be supportive and I will remember to tighten my core muscles before doing any moving or boosting of patients.

We headed over to Vancouver Sunday the 13th to pick up some Jeep things. We had a great night at the Coast Plaza down on English Bay – very nice. Then Monday we checked out a new motorcycle for me – 2005 VTX 1300R – magenta – and ended up buying it! WOW talk about unbelievable. It’s a beauty bike with very low mileage. Its the bike hubby wanted me on and now I am. Now to get some riding on it – when the weather cooperates! When we got home, our middle daughter had become engaged!! Exciting for sure – looking at a June/July 2012 wedding.

Let’s see – Elizabeth Taylor died on March 23, 2011. She was 79 and had an amazing life.

The 24th I met up with friends I had not seen in EONS and we picked up right where we left off so long ago. It was an evening filled with laughter and fun, followed by more laughter and reminiscing. We will do it again at Christmas when the one lady is back in town. It really was a great evening and I thank them both for making it so.

Over to Vancouver on the 25th to see Bon Jovi in concert. I saw the band in Dec’07 and thought that show was fantastic. Well they out did that show – we had an amazing time – band started playing at 8:35 pm and didn’t leave the stage till11:20 pm. It was a non stop fantastic show – I highly recommend it. We had a great hotel down at Granville & Nelson with nightlife galore. We checked out IKEA on our way into Vancouver and Metrotown on the way out. The girls stayed over night to visit with friends.

Yesterday we attempted to spark some interest in the bikes that are for sale – my Intruder and the Valkyrie. We attended a BYOB event – Bring your own bike. While there was some interest in the bikes, there was more interest in an 11 week old Rottweiler puppy.  After visiting with friends at the BYOB event, the puppy was still lingering and certainly caught hubby’s heart strings. By the end of yesterday, we had a new addition – his name is Bueller.  And yes, that is from Ferris Bueller – one of hubby’s favorite movies. Logically this was a stupid thing to do but on the other hand, we have 2 dogs so what’s another?

As hubby said the day we got married “We will never be rich and it will never be boring” – I can attest to that! I am & have been very blessed with the people and events in my life. Thank YOU for being part of that. Thank YOU for the thoughts that came my way as I heal from my surgery. Thank YOU for being a part of my world – cyber or otherwise.

Peace & blessings to you, until we read again