Thanksgiving and more

As fall approaches, we head into 3 weeks of birthdays in our family. It is always such a busy time of year with preparing the yard for the upcoming storms of winter – closing the pool. celebrating birthdays, getting fall yard work done, storing the boat, getting the patio umbrellas & furniture put away – a change in seasons, a change in time. No more lounging by the pool or relaxing in the sun. A time to get back to basics of the fall/winter season here.

But along with this busy season comes a time to reflect on what we are thankful for. Everyday I give thanks to my God for all He provides for me – from the chirping of the birds, to my family & friends, to the rains that fall, for the harvest & all those who provide us with food – a time for thanks.

I don’t ask for anything when I take the time and make the family dinners & get togethers. I do it because I truly enjoy doing it and spending time with the family. This Thanksgiving there was tension between the siblings. This boiled over to dinner and to be honest, I was heart sick with what took place between the siblings. I understand and GET that they are all grown-ups. They can agree to disagree but damn it – when I spend an entire weekend preparing for Thanksgiving making homemade pies, birthday dinner and all that goes with the preparation. I felt this Thanksgiving anything but stellar. We have a tradition of going around the dinner table and saying what we are thankful for – this didn’t happen. Nope, didn’t happen. It made me sad and very disappointed. I must remember that it was not me who caused this disappointment – it was siblings, beyond my control. I know the kids were raised to be thoughtful & considerate but I sure would never have known that this Thanksgiving.  It makes me NOT want to do Christmas Eve dinner and I will certainly think twice next Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for so many things – little things and big things. Things that make me smile or laugh. Knowing that I am loved unconditionally by a loving God, a forgiving God, that even when I screw up, I am forgiven. With that thought, I will forgive the kids for Thanksgiving. I believe they know what they did and hope it won’t happen again.

This entry has turned into more of a rant than anything else. Thank you for bearing with me and reading through. I honestly started this off on a better tone on Monday the 10th and have just finished it now – the 12th – certainly not the entry I expected. Here it is for what its worth.

Remember you have something to be thankful for each & every day – no matter how big or small. There is always something.

Peace & blessings