Your circle is small,
Your criteria narrow,
You don’t look up or beyond at others,
You just snicker, laugh or glare.

You pretend you are interested,
You pretend that you care,
Yet you walk right by me,
No reply to my greeting,
Simply a stare.

My story is mine.
My successes are strong.
Your cliquish behaviors
Is selfish and wrong.

Your loss in not knowing me
I no longer care.
For my true friends are honest
To which none can compare.

I wrote this for all of us who often feel we are on the outside – not included in conversations, or invited to join in. This happens at work, in social setting and many other day to day environments. If you see this, don’t be one of THOSE who excludes, invite and welcome the odd person out. Perhaps they are shy, perhaps they don’t want to intrude, perhaps there are many reasons they don’t approach your group. Make them feel valued and part of the group. It then becomes a choice for them to be a part or not. Adults behavior can be just as bad as highschool – I’m sure we all had those experiences. Choices is much nicer than being ignored. Don’t appear to have a clique, with walls that are unwelcoming.  You just never know what that person has to say or offer. Plain & simple, don’t be a bitch or a$$hat to others who don’t fit your “criteria”



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