New Year 2016


Pause, breath and look ahead. Reflect on the past – what worked, what went well, what didn’t and to let go because you can’t go back. You can however move forward in 2016 – a clean slate, a fresh start, perhaps a new beginning. To change what you can, to not repeat the errors or mistakes of the past, yet understanding you learned and grew this past year. It made you who you are today.

I plan on moving forward with some changes I made in the past year that I liked. My daughter started me liking “No Junk November” and my weight loss of 15lbs over the year. We are moving onto “Junkless January”. I am eating “cleaner” and exercising more. This is a good thing. I am working on decluttering & plan to continue. It’s better, it’s OK for me to let go of “stuff”. I am working on letting go and not taking things personally – especially at work. Pausing, breathing and enjoying the things in my life that make me smile and my heart warm. Letting go of people not responding the way I have hoped.  Meaning that if they don’t acknowledge something I have done for them, it is their loss – I simply won’t do that again. Being kinder, remembering to always say thank you and give thanks, to appreciate everyone in my circle of family, friends and acquaintances, a simple compliment to someone each day – that makes ME feel good.

Thank you for being in my circle – personally or virtually.

May your New Year flourish with new discoveries, wonderful inspirations, and happiness to fill your heart.


PS – If I have done something to upset you or there has been a misunderstanding, please know that I am sorry. I would never ever intentionally do anything to you that would hurt you.  HNY 🙂

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