The Future

I am not sure about how many people actually have instructions for their future health care but I do. Working where I do, you often see confusion about what SHOULD be done, or what the patient wants – but rather what the family THINKS the patient wants. By having an “advanced directive” or a document like that, it gives some direction for your family or whoever you decide, should you NOT be able to give directions. It offers some clarity for those foggy areas. Should I get a “mind block” illness, like ALS, please offer me palliative sedation if I meet the criteria. For having my mind clear but my body failing, and not able to express my self would be something I do not want to put my family through.

In my advance directive,  I have also put down a few things around my service for when I am gone. Since I want to be cremated, don’t get a fancy coffin just to be incinerated, get the cheapest cardboard box they will allow – after all, it’s just going up in flames. Keep things simple with the service – my kids want to pick out my flowers which is wonderful. I want the service to be fun and one of laughing – a powerpoint slide show of my life would be nice to show with some of the music I have selected – In This Life – by Bette Midler, Always – by Bon Jovi, Forever Young – Rod Stewart and what ever other songs the family decides.  I hope they will serve Twizzlers and Rockets to those who attend as people always joke about me eating those.  Above all, I want it to be a celebration. My belief is that I will be going to HEaven and there will be a celebration happening there as I am reunited with those who have gone before me, and being with My Lord – what a wonderful time it will be. So please, rejoice and celebrate the life I lived. Thank you for being a part of it – and enjoy each and every day before you.

No, I am not planning on going anywhere but I get a little nostalgic about things when I head for surgery.  Right up there with saying good bye to my uterus who served me well, blessing us with 4 wonderful children. But the time has come to say good bye and enjoy a new freedom without ongoing pain – a new freedom for me! But, should it be my time, I hope you remember me fondly and with a smile and laughter.

I wish you peace & blessings and that you think of me Feb 3rd when I have my surgery.

Hugz my friends, hugz

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